Saturday, September 25, 2010

Evidence about fake Demi Blog!

May of us have seen that stupid blog about Demi.  It's fake I have much evidence from my fellow Demi Lovato Fan Club members.  First of all let us start with line about then replied to her tweet about her curves saying to meet her at bob's which I don't know much about but they invited her for a drink which is illegal considering she's 18, second you can't just throw demi a tweet meet us here and get her to come! There's a one and 2.5 million chance she will see your tweet. And even less of chance for her to come.  Actually there's almost no chance of her going just to meet some stranger she doesn't even know, also she was with Eva Longoria that night for the Padres event. They also said she said all this nasty stuff to people she doesn't even know, sureee.  One final slice of evidence this young lady who wrote this far fetched blog has twitter account, now it is private but it does show up on her blog and I have a picture of what she said.  "we should just tell everyone we were lying" (referring to a blog) sent as an @reply to one of her friends. They don't even have picture not picture NO PROOF!  The story is insane and doesn't even add up. I rest my case.

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