Saturday, September 11, 2010

Demi Twitter Break

You Demi fans may have heard... about her twitter break. We all also know that her twitter is very close to extinction after her getting tired of twitter tweets. But THIS is the real story about the meet and greets, Demi's side.

OKAY. so this whole demi lovato thing is getting out of hand. And being a HUGE supporter, i feel the need to say something, plus i just need to rant about it all.

So from what i've heard Demis "fans" and haters started calling her out yesterday because she didnt do a meet and greet. they started saying how she didnt appreciate her fans, and how shes a bitch for doing that. FIRST OF ALL, to all you people who aren't even getting the right story, demi and the jonas brothers were both told that it wouldn't be a good idea to do a meet and greet because of the whether, as if not doing it because of a flood that caused the seats to be underwater wasn't a good enough reason. So the plan was to head out, they had all agreed that would be the best idea, so demi got on her bus and left. The jonas brothers had yet to leave a while later, and decided that they would go through with there meet and greet, demi was long gone, and there was no way she'd make it back there in time, it would be unorganized and wouldn't work out. So instead of being so quick to judge and jump to the point where you "fans" are turning your backs on her because of that, open your eyes a little wider and see it from that point of view.

A lot of people are saying lately that demi's in a bad mood, or shes always mad, or dosn't wanna be around her fans, or perform. You couldn't be more wrong. Yes she has her flaws, and i dont see past them, i know shes not perfect. But you ALL go through things too. Lately demi's been through a lot. from what i know, A couple weeks ago a close friend to her died. Nobody knew this, you all just assumed she was a bitch and ungrateful. Well HELLO maybe what you go through isnt as public, and what you go through you dont have to put away and put a smile on for other people, or perform songs that may hurt to sing, FOR YOUR FANS. she does it ALL for us. So saying she dosnt appreciate her fans is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard.

She's human, shes gonna make mistakes, shes gonna sing a song you dont like, she's gonna say something you dont wanna hear, she's gonna do something you don't want her to do, and juts because shes put her life out there for your viewing dosn't make her any less like you. Take your faces, out of your ass, and realize that what she does isn't for her, while she might enjoy doing it, she keeps going because of her fans, she keeps smiling because of her fans, and for her "fans" to turn on her like that, and get her to the point where she cant even be on twitter because of all the hate is ridiculous and immature. Why would you wanna make somebody whos so amazing , whos got so much going for her feel like absolute crap, why would you wanna bring her back to the days where she left school because of bullying, why would you wanna put ANYBODY for that matter through that again when they were kind enough to share there painful stories with the world, to help others, and to make you NOT feel like that. grow up people.

i will always love and support demi lovato, through the up and downs, through the bad moods and bad days. cuz real fans, are her friends too.<3

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