Sunday, May 26, 2013


Ok At he concert EVERYTHING ran smoothly (except parking) lol Anyway, when I got the wristbands they gave told us where to go. BTW soundcheck comes with M&G cuz I didn't buy soundcheck and got it with my m&g wristbands. The line for the sounchek was long and we had to wait a while, we didn't get in till 4. The soundcheck was awesome first Alison Anna j man m dot and the rest of the dancers answered questions, then next Demi answered some and the the rest of the time jb performed and answered questions, then the announcer gave us directions to where to go for meet and great and ppl who where just leaving til later. 
Then we we're split from the jb meet and greeters then we went in a line to like a little place behind where the busses were parked ( pathway surrounded by cute grass) Demi was in a tent with two of the sides down. We saw Alison stoner warming up her volcals with her laptop we called her over while we waited and she came over and talked to us signed stuff and took pictures. She talked to us and told us stories she was realy down to earth. After I got my pics and autograph soon the line started moving, it was pretty quick, the line and the m&g I got a quick convo and got to give her my birthday card I made her she said thanks sweetheart and then I had to go. I saw Alison again and asked for a hug and she was lke yeah hugs for everybody! Lol and then we left the Jonas m and g was still there, we went to get some food and shirts, then we took our seats Alison performed make history and mdot performed fire, then Demi performed several songs, then Jonas made this big entrance and the rest of the concert was jb and Joe and Demi performed 2 duets and then jb kept performing. They ended with burning up and it was great experience that I will never forget. That's what happened.

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